Namaste! In the beginning I would like to ask forgiveness from all my German readers. This will be one of the few articles written in English. Why? Well… I am writing about an international topic. An world-wide tantra movement. And about Liberation into Orgasm.

Sofia Sundari wrote a book called Liberation into Orgasm. It is about sexuality. Sexuality on all levels. Including the physical. And I am happy to say: I really like the book!

The Truth, Yoga and Tantra.

For truth-seekers, life is sometimes challenging. Especially when it comes to spirituality. Finding the ultimate truth? This is an idea you have to say goodbye to. One day or another. You will find many, many, many truths. Some might contradict each other and be true at the same time. Some may work only on Mondays and others only on Tuesdays. One truth might work for you, but not for your partner. You see what I am hinting at? Truth is to a certain degree subjective. And truth changes over time.

Yoga and tantra. Those are two passions of mine. And both have one thing in common. In yoga, aspiring to understanding what yoga really is, is a part of yoga. Do it to understand. The same holds for tantra. Tantra is a tradition of practice. You can read a lot about it and learn a little. And you can learn a lot about it by practicing. Sofias book is an invitation to a journey of learning, practice and understanding.

Who is Sofia Sundari?

Modern times are great. Why? Today the knowledge of mankind is at your fingertips. You guess it… The Internet. Modern times are also very, very challenging. Why? Because the knowledge of mankind is at your fingertips.

I am writing this because the world is full of tantra-teachers, yoga-gurus, sex-experts, liberation-facilitators… This is the impression that you get on an regular basis. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it… But which one is the mouth for your ears?

My freedom is that I can choose my “gurus”. And this liberty is the challenge. I ran into so many tantric priests and priestesses on the internet that I lost count. And Sofia is one of the few that I did not unfollow on Facebook over the years. Because I feel a certain resonance between my ideas and passions and the many truths that Sofia talks about.

Sofia is a world traveler. After a kind-of-earthly career as a lawyer, fate decided her path. She ended up in a tantric school. She expanded her wisdom and started to teach other people. An her book Liberation into Orgasm is yet another act of teaching.

Tantra is about practice. Liberation into Orgasm is a roadmap.

Sexuality… I do not know where to begin. Sexuality has a huge potential for understanding. And for misunderstanding. Look around you. Sex sells. People talk about performance – faster, higher, harder – and believe it to be right. If they are talking at all. All that porn. All those people to are not capable of connecting with their partners on any level. The creativity that is lost by the quick-release of the peak orgasm.

Sofia liberates. Her message is simple. Sex is not shameful. Sex is natural. Sex is beautiful. There is no need for an agenda during sex. It is not necessary to strive for a great performance. Sex is not sports or about power. Sex is an opportunity to connect. With others. And first and foremost… with yourself.

Keeping it simple. Keeping it clear.

Sofia teaches. There are reasons for her using the words yoni and lingam. Both are sacred temples in the physical realm. Bodies are potential gateways into higher spiritual realms. Liberation into Orgasm introduces many techniques for opening these portals. But without flooding the reader as many esoteric books do. Ever tried to imagine a thousand-petaled golden lotus rotating counterclockwise, while mentally chanting a hundred-syllable mantra? Those ancient spiritual techniques? What about greeting kundalini just by conscious breathing as Sofia suggests?

That is the thing I really like about Sofia. She does not shroud her knowledge in a web of esoteric metaphors and practices that are way too complex. She is straight to the point, giving clear instructions. Guidelines that you can follow and explore without too much of an effort.

I really like the book.

And yes, I have read many books about tantra. Reading Liberation into Orgasm for me was very insightful. And yes, it was also liberating. Are you curious? What about buying Liberation into Orgasm?

Namaste. Tat tvam asi.

(All images on this page are copyright Sofia Sundari and are used here with her consent)