Namaste! Last year, Dominika and I attended the Jivamukti Summer Experience 2017. We are still overflowing with great memories. We remember well. If you like, have a look at my article about that awesome event. So, what is new today? This year we attended again!

We remember very well. At the end of last year’s experience we sat down on one of our beds in the Ashram. Still glowing after asana-practice and satsang. We did the magic click to get some very-very-very-early-bird tickets for 2018. Back then, something deep inside of us suggested to repeat this in 2018.

So here we were. Back in Bad Meinberg. Amidst many yogis from many countries. Thank you, Moritz, Niklas, and Doug for making it all possible!

We remember 2017.

Back in 2017 we had a certain feeling… It is hard to describe. We had a lot of fun with the Jivamukti sādhakas and the Jivamukti method in Bad Meinberg. But we kind of missed out on exploring the ashram itseld. Of course, we got a glimpse of the Yoga Vidya community at each meal. That is true. But we had the feeling that there is more to be discovered.

So we decided to spend more time in the Ashram before the actual experience. Before all of the joyful huffing and puffing of hundreds of Jivamukti Yogis on their mats. Time for arriving and adjusting to this quiet Yoga Vidya place somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Did you know that the ashram has a monastery called Shivalaya (“Abode of Shiva”)? We searched for our Innermost Self in the “meditation cave” there. We held hands before sharing a relaxed vegan meal, right after we read books about Yoga and Ayurveda in some quiet places. And of course: We did own Yoga practice. Such a peaceful beginning for an intense retreat! And it made us really looking forward to the Jivamukti arrival!

Breathe in – Freak out.

The Jivamukti method can bring you to your limits. Not on maximum speed, which is good. But quickly and steadily. And arriving in this space beyond your comfort zone, you have a unique opportunity to learn a little bit more about yourself. Jivamukti Yoga does not push you to your limits as fast as Kundalini yoga does. We can still feel our shoulders burning from the 7 minutes Kundalini kriya that Niklas instructed. “Breathe in – Freak out” could have been the mantra of many “sufferers” in the room. A nice one, though.

In Jivamukti Yoga you have more time to approach and examine your limits. Every day. We started at half past eight in the morning. Some heartwarming chanting. The Magic Six for getting the temperatures up. Some grounding meditation – Choose your seat, be still, and focus. Some studying of the holy scriptures. And some crazy and profoundly creative asana practice.

Hip-Openers, roaring and jaws wide open.

We remember well… This moment in the afternoon when everybody was busy licking some metaphorical wounds of morning practice. Bellies filled with some delicious vegan food. And the whole body system in a nice shut-down mode. After morning class there was afternoon class. This time restorative Yoga. All those muscles and fascias were happy to get some stretching and healing attention. Some of the teachers were delighted by the pain that showed in the yogis’ faces while performing the frog pose, mandukasana. At one point we all became lions and roared. This was great! Even if it rather sounded like many kittens. And we stretched our jaws, pulling our mouths wide open, centimeter by centimeter. Unfortunately we did not take any pictures of that. Sorry, we were busy not to drool on our mats!

The Nada-Yogis from Berlin.

Some magic growth is happening in Berlin at Peace Yoga. At least we as “outsiders” got that feeling. You see, we are Bavarians. Thus we cannot visit Peace Yoga Berlin regularly. We sometimes come to class. When we are in town. Which is not that often. This “sometimes” makes us a little sad. What did we see this year in Bad Meinberg, you ask? Way more music instruments than in 2017! What a delight for us music-lovers!

We remember the harmonium and the cajón from last year. The calimba, steel tongue drum, gong, and the rain stick we did not remember! The teachers managed to immerse everyone in fantastic soundscapes on several occasions. Often intensifying and aiding our meditation. We definitely cannot forget the waves of activity that the gong sent through our entire nervous system during gong meditation and how the simulated rain calmed us down in another one.

What is next?

Now four days of Jivamukti Summer Experience are over. And now it happened. We just started saving money for Jivamukti Teacher Training! The road we are on is very, very challenging and educational one. We would like to go a little deeper.

And finally… we did it again! We preordered tickets for next year. See you in 2019! Namaste, Dominika and Tristan.

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